Brangwyn Herefords

Brangwyn NoblemanImage   1961

The original Brangwyn Herd of Pedigree Herefords was set up in as far as we can recall in 1955 by William John Roderick at The Bank Farm, Scurlage Castle, Gower, Swansea, South Wales, we are not sure of the origin of the name Brangwyn Herefords, but with the abundance of herds prior to the invasion of continental cattle we feel it must have been chosen by Olive Roderick in the early 1950's probably with reference to the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea as there were many herds already named after places in Gower. They enjoyed many sucesses over the next few years until William Roderick passed away in 1966 and with the changing times the herd was disbanded in a  store sale in 1974, at which I (Tom) as a schoolboy, vowed to get them back, then the story leaps almost 30yrs to 2003 when we purchased 5 Poll herefords from George & Ionwy Thorne and re- started with "The Brangwyn POLLED Herd."
     With my mother and my wife's backing, we have travelled miles to show our Brangwyn offspring and also with our sons help we have many rossetes and cups to show off.

    To underline our belief that not only are Hereford cattle easy to handle, maintain and raise but also that Hereford Beef is probably the best in the world we sell it in our Farm & Coffee shop                                                          


     Brangwyn 1 Pathfinder       Image    2005

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